Small Ghost
by, Ivor E. Hogg©copyright, all rights reserved

A small ghost haunts me constantly.
I've no idea who she might be,
I hear her crying in the night
"I'm frightened daddy hold me tight".

This house is new and should not be
haunted by any ghost at all.
I hear her but I cannot see,
it breaks my heart to hear her call.

I would that I could comfort her.
I have no children of my own,
I'd like to let her know I care
and that she is not alone.

Why me. Why me? I'm not her Dad
I never had a family
Why is it that I feel so bad?
what is it that she wants from me?

I lie awake I cannot sleep,
I listen for her lonely cries
and then I feel somebody creep
into my bed and cuddle me.

I know quite well this can't be real.
I am certain that there's no one there,
I can't explain just how I feel
I've nothing with which to compare.

This little ghost now sleeps content
I think she has adopted me.
A very odd predicament,
which holds a certain irony.

Perhaps the child I should have had
but I refused paternity
I did not want to be a Dad
and missed my opportunity.

My own wants took priority,
now fatherhood is thrust on me.
A ghostly child I cannot see
decided I am trustworthy.


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