The Art of Diplomacy
by, Ivor E. Hogg©copyright, all rights reserved

I’m all alone and woebegone.
The happiness I knew is gone
and all because I spoke the truth
as I was taught to in my youth.

She asked me my opinion
of the tight jeans she had put on.
I answered her quite truthfully
I said perforce I must agree.

They made her backside look immense.
I should have used my common sense
I could have lied, I should have lied
I could have easily denied

That those tight jeans had magnified
the shape and size of her backside.
I chose to answer honestly
with the result that she left me.

I warn young men think carefully
before you answer honestly.
Sometimes a lie is justified
to keep your lady by your side.

I’m still alone and woebegone
but I have learnt diplomacy
when asked for my opinion
I’ll answer you look fine to me.

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