And We Cry...

The "Christian Community" has brought far more harm and far less compassion to one entire group of humanity than any other group known to mankind.

And while we may all have come to expect such ill treatment of others from other religious factions with a bent toward violence and cruelty, it should never be tolerated from any group who claims to follow Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

Not every "born again, Bible believing Christian feels the way these unkind groups do. In fact, some of us even have loved ones who are gay/lesbian.

Read a Baptist Minister's letter to a parishoner whose brother is gay, and who she was always taught in her religious upbringing, would ultimately "go to hell" for it:

God Made Me This Way...

Gay and Lesbian is NOT a choice! It is not a "condition" or a "disorder." It IS different than the vast majority of people, but basically, it is just about being "human" ... just like everyone else!

On Wednesday, October 20th, Wear Purple! In memory of the nine boys* who committed suicide after being bullied and harrassed for their sexual orientation.
At some point in time, this has to stop! When a young person is so pained that their only recourse is to kill him/herself, then decent people
need to take a stand!

Suicide, brutalization of our youth, harms more than just the one who takes their own life. It destroys small bits of us all, collectively. We are degraded a little more each time we turn our heads and look away without speaking out!

Not to mention the utter devastation of the families and friends of these young people. How is it that we have come so far in so many ways as a people-to only come to this? To have created an atmosphere of such cruelty, unkindness, intolerance and hopelessness, that the only choice a person feels they have left is to take their own life?

If you are tired of seeing our young people bullied, harrassed, beaten, mocked, scorned, and harmed by the hate mongers who masquerade under the guise of "christianity" or any other people group who lays the groundwork for hatred's roots, please take our

Hello! I would like to say that I am at first and foremost, a follower of Jesus Christ, who is indeed my Savior. I asked Him to forgive my sins and come into my heart January 1st, 1978. I am His child. I am also a wife and mother, and headed directly toward all out senior citizenry. Our oldest son is gay and was, at one time, married to his partner of 20 years.

As of 2009, it became legal for gay and lesbian couples to enter into a marriage relationship in our state. We're proud of our son and in no way did their marriage affect OUR over four decade' marriage adversely.
And I have to admit that I don't "get" how allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry would really adversely affect any traditionally married heterosexual couple/family, as some have touted.

In light of a few recent events, one being the extremely cruel so-called "joke" played on one young man who ultimately took his own life, this web page was born. Tyler Clementi did not deserve to have his private life so invaded by ignorant others, that it compromised his very existence. He died, not knowing that there really ARE people out there that care, that could have helped him weather this dreadful breach of the boundaries of decency. Who could have guided him and his family through the worst of it so that he could come away unshaken, confident in who he was and able to withstand whatever resulted. Nor did he hear the words, "Jesus loves you unconditionally, Tyler" before jumping to his death.

It is time to stop the nonsense! It is time to take action and speak out for this badly bruised and beaten down minority TODAY! It is time to say, "NO MORE!" We will tolerate this type of rogue hateful act against our young people, or ANY people so discriminated against NO MORE!

Please search your heart and do whatever you are led to do in this fight against the hatred and bigotry that has permeated our society, our schools, and yes, even our churches for far too long, against the gay and lesbian communities. Thank you!

Christian and Gay

Carl Walker, was only 11 years of age
the day he died as a result of suicide.
The end result of bullying and being targeted.
Jon Carmichael, age 13
died as a result of suicide, March 28th, 2010
Christian Taylor, aged 16
died as a result of suicide, May 31st, 2010
Justin Aaberg aged 15
died as a result of suicide, July 9th, 2010
Billy Lucas, aged 15
died as a result of suicide, September 9th, 2010
Asher Brown, aged 13
died as a result of suicide on September 23rd, 2010
Seth Walsh, aged 13
died as a result of suicide on September 28th, 2010
Raymond Chase, aged 19
died as a result of suicide on September 29th, 2010
Tyler Clementi, aged 18
died as a result of suicide on September 22nd, 2010

PLEASE, have mercy! Stop bullying, intimidating,
harrassing, and threatening! Or SPEAK OUT against
this when and wherever you encounter it! Do not
be an unwitting contributor to this. It is criminal
behavior and it needs to be stopped now!.

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Suicide Is Not The Way - HELP
Anti-Bullying Movement Affirmations
Gay/Lesbian Mormons
Working For Equality

It Is Up To YOU To Make A Difference!

What Evil This?
by, linda marie pharaoh-carlson© all rights reserved

What is this pungeant evil wind
that blows across the land?
Which takes the breath of decency
away from common man?

Which begs the last morsel of good
that beneath life's table lies,
and uses forceful acts of madness leaving
a land where love and kindness dies?

And bends the limbs of tolerance to break,
and turns every heart to stone.
Forcing innocence from every soul...
to leave them desolate and alone.

This evil that men dispense on earth,
will likewise follow them to hell.
The crimson evidence shall arise
to create a tidal swell.

Which will engulf them in it's wake.
To drown their evil schemes.
What's been metered out on earth by them
Shall consume them so it seems.

Defy the evil ways of men
and stop their wicked days.
Turn this evil tide for good
or perish in their ways.

News Bits
(National Youth
Advocacy Coalition)
Gay Soldier's Plea

Zach Harrington, a teenager from Oklahoma,
is the latest casualty of this ongoing war
on Hatred! His suicide, Monday October 11th, 2010, is added to the list of
young people influenced to take their
own lives due to prejudicial
treatment in the community in which he lived.

All of life is propaganda
The only reality
comes from the truth
within the heart...lmpc©
all rights reserved
quotes/poetry from the book:
Wanderings Of A Wayward Heart, Ponderings Of A Well Found Soul
Trafford Publishing 2010, by:
linda mareie pharaoh-carlson

A Gay Jewish Man Learns That Hate Can Come From the Most Unexpected Places

Religious Complicities?

Article from the NYT

Ft. Worth Gay Councilman Speaks

What Do You See?

The world may never see
the hidden worth of a single heartbeat.
But each is counted and numbered
by the One who sets in place,
the metronome of life and breath.
-lmpc all rights reserved


* Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG)

* Family Acceptance Project

* GLSEN,the Gay,lesbian, and Straight Education Network

* Gay Family Support

* Mental Health America's What Does Gay Mean

* The Trevor Project

* Human Rights Campaign

* National Gay and Lesbian Task Force

* Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD)

* National Center for Lesbian Rights

* Campus Pride

* University of Tennessee, Knoxville Commission for LGBT People

* Soul Fource Ministry

* How To Survive A Bully
by Gary Cohan

Homophobia, An Abomination In Itself
by Rabbai Schmuley Boteach


* "Something to Tell You: The Road Families Travel When a Child is Gay" Herdt, G. & Koff, B. (2000)

* "Always my Child: A Parents Guide to Understanding Your Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered or Questioning Son or Daughter" Jennings, K. (2003)

* "Mom, Dad, I'm Gay: How Families Negotiate Coming Out" Savin-Williams, R.C. (2001)

* "The New Gay Teenager" Savin-Williams, R.C. (2005)

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One Man's Reach To Stop Bullying:

Shane Koyczan

The Bottom Line (On being Christian)
by: lmpc©, all rights reserved

Is not what you say, it's not what
you do. It's not what you know,
or how long you've known it.
In the grand scheme of things,
anyone can call themself a Christian.
But it's calluses on the hands
that speak to the world.
And kindness of heart that shows
the world the
true heart of God.
What counts is "Who you know."

If you know Jesus personally,
you're too busy to stand and judge
or evaluate the situation.
You just "stand in the gap" and dig in
and do whatever it takes, no matter who's
looking or keeping track.
God's record book is the only one that counts!
And if you are a Christian, you
don't have to shout. His love speaks volumes
even to those who can not hear.

Being a Christian today is not what everyone
else defines you to be, good or bad.
It's not a casual comment,
it's a lifetime commitment.
A novel in progress...

What's been written in your latest chapter?

"Beloved, let us love one another...for he that loveth, is born of God and knoweth God. He that loveth not, knoweth NOT God, for God IS Love." 1 John 4: 7-8

Thank you to everyone for taking time to stop by here.
This is one of the most pressing issues that has served to divide and not unite our nation, our world.
Think of your own complicity in the promotion of hatred. Maybe you ARE one of those who hates. God says that he who hates his brother will in no way be able to enter into His kingdom.
Maybe that isn't important to you. But I can guarantee that one day it will be. Maybe you are one who just stands by and observes the hate. You too, are guilty. Guilty because of what you could have done, but didn't.
Whatever your reason for stopping here today, please take a long hard look at yourself and who you truly are...and then compare it to the "wannabe" that you would like to become some day. If what you say, think, and do does not match up
to who you say you are, or who you would some day like to become, then start today in making changes. In lining up your true self, apart from the "role" you are playing for no other reason than what someone else might think of you.
And, if you claim Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, why not stop all the "stuff" that pulls you farther FROM the Lord and step back and really live what you profess? And just let Jesus sort it all out in the end. He is the only fair judge worthy
to make ANY judgement of us. We are flawed and not qualified to judge anyone. "Judge not, lest ye be judged."
I hope you think for yourself. I hope you live with Christ in you and He is the one who directs your path to do what's right.
And I can truthfully tell you that any time that you can put loving acts of kindness before hateful acts of intolerance and misunderstanding, you are truly following His example. And, I also hope that today, you could take the pledge. Because frankly, we just can not make any more room for hatred if we are to survive in this world.

Gay & Lesbian
Teens Talk
Family Equality Council New York City
Gay and Lesbian
Anti-Violence Project

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