Wintry Things - A Trio of poems
dedicated to winter's beauty
By linda marie pharaoh-carlson,copyright, all rights reserved

by, linda marie pharaoh-carlson, January 2008

He is breath that guilds the mountain sides
White with wintry bluster at the exhale.
He is silence.
And He keeps the winds and
Hides the sun,
To make the glittering snow.
And yet there is only tenderness
In this gesture of His might.
The small creatures scamper
With coats that keep them warm.
The birds plump their feathers
And bristle against the cold.
And He provides their warmth
Even where seemingly,
There is no warmth at all.
How marvelous the season
That births a glorious day;
When God provides
Great wonder, in but such a
Quiet gentle way.

Snow Smitten
by, linda marie pharaoh-carlson, copyright, January 2008

The hillsides were flawlessly painted white
sometime throughout the night.
Silent beauty befalls the wintry valley.
It is absolutely still.
There is only white shimmering
glitter-bedecked blankets
to wrap the earth up in.
A hushed creation almost gasps,
from the sheer wonderment of it all.
One forgets the bitter cold within,
when such beauty fills the soul.
It is a snowy heart that watches
winter at it's play.

Snow Song
by, linda marie pharaoh-carlson, copyright, January 08

There is nothing else
like the silence
of snow falling.
No instant calm
That quells a troubled heart
quite so well
as a bleak evening tide
illumined by
brilliant sparkling gems
of white.
When all the earth lies in darkness
in slips the snow.
To quietly dispel the long shadows of night
and blanket the earth
as a mother,
who tenderly draws the covers up
around her sleeping children
to protect them from the cold.
When day's busyness has ended
and the last light put to rest,
Go sit beside the window and listen...
to the sound
of falling

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