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by, Linda Marie Pharaoh-Carlson┬ęcopyright, all rights reserved

Empty house with empty rooms...
hide the lonely empty cries in the soul.
Where once was shared the joys of life
now stands vacant, abandoned love.
For there's no longer a place for it to dwell
in such empty empty corners.
Hallways that once rung out with laughter
now silent lay.
No longer do footsteps climb those stairs
into the comforting place that was home.
Where small and large events of the day
were shared and the secrets of two hearts revealed.
Where there once was two, is now one.
Where there was living
now remains only existence
in a world too cruel in which to dwell.
Heartless were they who shattered the world
who pierced the heart of life.
And broken I stand to examine the
remains of man's hideous acts against
the decent and innocent and good.
There was but one qualified to take life away
and those who have no such right will be
rightly judged one day by Him.
For they will stand with blood on their hands and
evil intent in their hearts, and will not find escape
from His justice.
Their murderous intent will be revealed and
they will be judged by the only one who truly
knew. And they will stand in shame and desperation
before the judge who has always known their
black and wicked hearts.
With hands shaking and a broken soul, a bleeding heart
cries as it picks up the pieces of the good life once lived
in these now empty broken rooms. And tear stained eyes
now look up into the skies of heaven with pleading, only
to be left anguished and asking

Randall David Kimsey (Randy)
Born November 14th, 1959
brutally taken away from us:
Wednesday, May 26th, 2010
Beloved Husband, Son-In-Law
Brother-In-Law, Nephew
and Friend
We will miss you, Randy

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