That Crooked House...

by,linda marie pharaoh-carlson©

The crooked little man
In his crooked little house...
some say "did in" his
crooked little spouse.
Twas' late Hallow's Eve
when she was seen last
And the crooked little kiddies shudder
each time they walk past.
So, there'd be no trickin' nor atreatin'...this night
For if you knock on his door
surely you’ll get a fright!
For an evil deed twas' committed
In this crooked little house
noone knows that more than
that crooked little spouse.
Yet n'ary a trace of her could
there ever be found.
And with dark evil silence
the crooked man will stay bound.
So walk briskly past this crooked
little home,
As upon this Hallowed eve the streets
you do roam.
For no treat awaits there, save
maybe a ghostie or two...
And the crooked little man
(should you knock) just may
set his next sights
on you.

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