by: linda marie pharaoh-carlsonęcopyright,
all rights reserved


There's a particular sadness
Which lays upon the heart,
Lingering there.
Sifting slowly down, deep below the surface
To settle.

It subtly begins insinuating itself
Into the small crevices, tiny cracks,
And deliberate holes left here and there
By life's unyielding inequities and painful pricks.
It makes the mending and healing of
Said heart, imperceivably difficult, at best.
A layer of sadness laid down, one upon another,
Time after time after time.
Until any bit of hope, even the tiniest glimmer
That ever sparked anew within it's precisely
Beating chambers, becomes forever hidden
By a blanket of darkness...sorely felt.
And even when the brilliant light of truth
Has come and pierced it's walls and shattered
This particular sadness into innumerable
Scattered particles,
It lingers.

Banished into the furthermost places,
It then suspends as dust,
Until lightly falling to rest again
Layer upon layer, time after time
After time.

From such time worn grooves and inroads made,
An unsettling metamorphous takes place
Of life, gravely altered. From an unkind and unwanted
Infinite Dark Mistress, whose name
Is simply known as...


There are things so beyond our ability to understand, that take place in lives. We are
visually assaulted with the worst pictures of these daily in the news.
Atrocities of all manner across this nation, and from around the world.
Horrible accounts of man's inhumanity and acts of cruelty to fellow man.
Tear stained and soul wrenched faces which haunt and tear at one's heart.

The tiniest and most innocent among us, whose eyes no longer sparkle, but are open wide
to view incomprehensible acts and uncertain yet very real fears, played out
minute by minute, in a world of deprivation and want, hopelessness and peril.
Faces that shout with desperate pleading silence
From behind defeated, vacant, no longer life-affirming eyes. Void of any joy, they have
long passed the one last tear held in reserve.

For this particular sadness, there is no name, there is no cure.
But when HOPE can be reimplanted in a heart that's barely beating, in a life that's
barely there, therein can a future be found.
One raised from the ashes of sorrow. Born from a wisdom of nurture and kindness,
gratitude and goodness with love in it's midst.

And although 'Sorrow' definitely leaves her lasting and unchangeable imprints upon
countless broken lives and hearts for all time, with loving care, she's kept at bay.
Only allowed to surface on occasion at the hints of past hurts and sadnesses remembered.

Given a firm foundation and proper care, the right tools to help nurture it along,
HOPE can grow, even in the most darkened sorrowing hearts again.
Spend time today planting seeds of hope where you live, so that the love that follows can
renovate someone else's broken heart.
In so doing, you will have helped heal the world.

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