Shadow Dancer
By linda marie pharaoh-carlson

She was a quiet little soul,
we'd see her every day.
Thoughts drifted off to
who knows where...
in Dreamlands far away.

You couldn't help but notice
and catch a glimpse just once in awhile,
of a twinkle in her time wearied eyes
and what seemed the slightest smile.

For she was off again
shadow dancing another dream.
Reliving the youth she'd locked in her heart,
a would seem.

Look deeper into those dimming eyes,
and far past the aged old facade.
You'll see an antique 'little girl'
in a shadow dance with God.

Someone sent this "cartoon" my way
and unlike most of these things that are supposed to bring
us a chuckle or two, this one instead, touched my heart. As a result,
I wrote this little poem. How often do we look beneath the surface to see
the real person locked inside when we find ourselves around the "oldsters" among us?
I hope that you will discover the real person locked behind the blank stare, the silent gaze in your direction.
There is so much wisdom behind those gentle faces that we see. And still, the hopes and dreams
of days unfulfilled. They were once like you. Young and vibrant, full of hope and ready to take on the world.
The outer shell only houses the inner real person residing in it. Take time to discover who
just might really be living in "the old folks home" and I know you will be amazed and tremendously blessed for having done so!

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