When Sadie Sang the Blues
by: linda marie pharaoh-carlson

Dedicated to Shirl

Slowly, she walked into the smoke-filled room...
Like a wide awake dream.
She used to know this place.
Joe sat in the corner booth and chewed the fat with the locals.

She was in there ... deep in there.
Yet no one recognized her, for she'd changed.
But then, as the sax began wailing that familiar tune,
That young flaxen-haired beauty
That lived somewhere in the corridors of that time-riddled frame, stepped up
And left that 'old' tired-self behind.

There she was, this slip of a thing...
Slipped back into time,
Emerging from pitch black, into light-
That fairly pumped pure oxygen and electricity
Into the dark and dismal air swirling around her head.
The body in motion...
Began to sway.

And she lifted her hands and the soul came up.
That youth that she had always had inside, began that heart- pounding rhythm that
propelled her feet.
Up she floated and pranced and danced until all heads spun.
Until she'd lived life to it's fullest, right there... In
That very moment, that very hour, that very night.

She was the chord that struck eternity.
She became the music. She poured her heart out in the
Strange rainbow hues ablend with stale liquor and thick madness.
Until a gentle tap on her shoulder
Reminded her of this continuum of time and space.

Gently the music and words began fading into the background.
She took one long last draw of the cancer stick,
And one final-longing-look at what used to be.
She slowly arose and unswervingly headed for the way out
Of the past.

She made a motion to the guys in the band...
She blew a kiss to Joe, who bellowed out'see ya next time old girl',
And then she was gone.
That golden moment etched for all time in their hearts, they just knew they'd been
touched with a few moments of greatness...

Because Sadie sang the blues.

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This is dedicated to Shirley Braud, about whom and for whom this was written. She indeed, was Sadie. She sang the circuits with a band in her young days. She arranged music and sang. She was talented, important to everyone who knew her...and she was dearly loved. We will miss you, my girl.

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