You lin 2010
dedicated to a beautiful Mother I know
this Mother's Day!

Every mother wonders, about this time of May...
Have I done enough for my children,
that they can make it on their way?
You see we're always mothers. That position
never changes.
Regardless of life's circumstances, or how
much time and distance rearranges.
We always have a mother's heart
a mother's thoughts, and concerns with each new day.
That our kids are taken care of, that they are safe,
whether grown up or young at play.
Remember that God holds them
these children we love so dear...
He alone controls the unseen things
which would only bring us fear.
And remember too, that no matter what...
you've been the best mom you could be.
A tender touch, a loving word just right
in their time of greatest need.
There's no one with a more important role
than the the one who nurtures another,
and there's none more important today than you,
You are a beautiful

God Bless your Mother's Day!


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