The Honor of Memorial Day
By linda carlsonęcopyright, all rights reserved

"They are not dead who live in hearts they leave behind" ~ Robert Orr

From days gone by
They carried high
The red, the white, the blue.
Battle scarred, wearied, worn
They stood side by side and true.
These were the boys who marched away
Some to return no more.
Some died upon our humble ground
Some fell on distant shore.
They were all the youngest, sharpest, best
Too young for what they'd see.
Uncertain in those first steps taken
What the price for freedom would be.
For peace could never rule the day
Or freedom truly ring
Without the courageous paths they took
And the sorrowful course it would bring.
Brave and handsome, they marched away
The patriots paths to trod...
To protect, defend, with noble hearts
Their lives in the hands of God.
They were the bravest of the brave,
These soldiers we loved and knew so well.
Plucked from loving mother's arms
Into the battlefields of hell.
Loved ones left behind forever, their
Boys lay now in unmarked graves
Of white.
There's no comfort for the families and friends
Or tender hands to catch tears each night.
Untold griefs and sorrows
Unbearable truths to bear...
Unforgettable lives cut short so soon
And who of us will care?

For each boy that left, became soon, a man.
Each life lost was someone dear.
And every time we recall them now
Will keep them alive each year.
For they deserve not to be forgotten,
They deserve to be etched in each heart.
Teach the children and remind them often
Good men gave their lives, for their start.
So pledge your allegiance this day to our flag
And carry it high and with pride.
Freedom rules in our lives and our souls
Because courageous soldiers have died.

Memorial Day Blessings to you and yours today.
And if you have a veteran close by within your reach,
grab and give him a hug and a thankyou.
Offer to go with them to the memorial services near you.
And just be there for them.

Dedicated to my Uncle, James Curtis Pharaoh WWII
Jack Morris, Korean Coflict
All the men and women who gave their lives to God, their families, and this country that they love.

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