Have You Seen Him?
dedicated to all the empty arms, casulties of war...
By linda marie pharaoh-carlson

Excuse me, have you seen my son today?
Ruddy good looks, tall handsome form...
He was seen last carrying a weapon
Over his shoulder.
He had a duty to preform ... for his country,
But now he seems to be gone.
Why is it that the useless rabble
That freely walk among the good
To bring only pain and harm
Can do so at the grand expense of
The brave, courageous and best of our own?
I see no equity in this.
And he’s so far from home.
I can not reach him, I can not go and look for him.

I think I see him in your eyes,
In a familiar stride or gait..
But it’s never him that comes up the walk
When the porch light goes on at night.
My heart remains hopeful, foolishly, some say.
But my heart is conditioned to remain in hope
As long as he’s away.
Excuse me ma’am, did you hear his voice?
He sings like an angel, you know.
But the only song that plays on and on
Is that of memories I hold so dear.
He used to ride his bike like a bullet
To McGinty’s corner store
Where hard earned coins from a paper route
Brought home sweet confections of all kinds,
And always a taffy or two (my very favorite) for me...
With the violets he’d stop to pick along the curbside
For a lovely wild bouquet.
We cried together when he lost his dog, she was such
A loyal friend, and again years later when his only grandma
Went to heaven to join her.
He’s my boy.
My pride.
My world
A world and all, away.

Please, can you look and find him?
My heart can not be still until he’s home.
He is a great and compassionate, kind and loving man.
He is a loyal, proud and strong soldier.
He is my son.
He’s not here.
And I need him home.
My heart needs him home.
The world needs him home.
Can someone just please...bring him home?

my son came home.

In a flag-draped box so still.
No more grins from ear to ear, no more
“aw mom, you worry too much”
From the angelic face I knew and loved so well.
Only silence.
And when they say the words that “he’s at rest now...at peace”
my heart breaks a little more.
For the very peace, he could not continue to live for,
The family he could have nurtured and grown
Had he only had that chance.
He would have been a great dad.
We could have used
More “just like him”, many said.

I only wanted one.

So, go celebrate your Memorial Day by buying the latest sale
bargains at 20% off at all the ‘Memorial Day Sales’.
Make sure you’ve extra beer in the frig and charcoal for the grill.
“Celebrate” the three days away from work that you’ve been granted.

It all came at quite a price.

And if you even happen to stop for one moment
to consider the lives you have, the freedoms to live without restriction,
the very fact that you can move about and choose
how you’ll spend your day on this Memorial Holiday...
take one minute to remember,
if you would be so kind...

My son came home today.

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