Do You Wonder?
by linda marie pharaoh-carlsonęcopyright, all rights reserved

Does God exist
Some may inquire
And all I have to say,
Can you design
A butterfly wing
Or concoct the fragrance
Of new mown hay?
Or take the humble
Lightning bug
Who sparkles on the fly...
Can you manufacture all
The parts
Of this lantern in the sky?
Or can you fling a thousand
Stars upon
The dark blanket that is night?
Or catch one such falling star
In a blaze of glory bright?
Nature sings of wondrous things
Designed with so much care
And a master designer who
Cares for all
And counts each numbered hair.
For He wrought mysteries
None can duplicate
Or explain away as chance.
Far too intricate
Are His works
For mere happenstance.
So yes indeed,
God does exist
And He made a plan
To fellowship with His special works
Especially with man.
So do not wonder anyone,
Who set the sun in place to shine,
Or holds the seas at bay in shores
Of His own hands design.
Wondrous is His calling card
Tis' no mystery to me
Miracles abounding and round them lie
And every eye can see,
If they but open wide the heart
To accept the possibility.

Do not copy or reproduce

O Lord, how many are thy works, in wisdom thou hast made them all.
There is the sea, in which are swarms without number.
Animals both great small, O Lord,
thou hast made them all.

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