by, Linda Marie Pharaoh-Carlson copyright, all rights reserved

It was a hot and steamy night.
White sands were cool and the waters
Washed over her,
Like a new beginning.

Desire was her name,
and she came to play a game.

Because of the pain he'd caused.
Because it was time for her to forget.
But she hadn't expected - this.
The gentle brush of a stranger's eyes
That caressed a yearning soul,
That felt like hope
All over again.
That felt...
Like a first kiss.

And who was this lingering question
That had caught her unaware?
And why had she been chosen?
The balmy summer night's breeze
Kept whispering... "this is him..."
"this is him".

But would the heart that held such sorrow
Be willing
To become undone once more?
Could she allow him in?
Or would she

Wanting was her name...
and she came to play a game.

One touch told it all.
That one embrace wiped away all
Sadness and reserve.
And the two drew closer.
Their warm breath's upon each other's cheeks.
The dark and dancing eyes that kept
Inviting more.
The hearts met, the souls connected
With a cord
That she knew would bind them at once
and forever.

He had captured her.

And it's been said, that on certain quiet
On the southern most tip of the lovely
Island shores,

One can see the shadowed figures of two
lovers dancing
Against moonlit backdrop and star
Sparkeld skies.
Gazing only at one another, unaware of
the world.
Caught up in a passion like none other
Ever felt before,
From loves long burned into cold and
Useless ash,
Arose a mighty, raging, furious, and
All-consuming fire of the souls.

Ecstasy was her name...
and she knew this was no game.

For his love alone could fan the flame
To fuel the fire of her broken heart.
To restore love's hope,
To wipe away the pain
And bring life to her again.

Linda Marie Pharaoh-Carlson copyright
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from: Wanderings of a Wayward Heart...Ponderings of a Well Found Soul

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