An Easter Heart, by linda marie pharaoh-carlson

I can not explain the peace of heart that is mine because of the resurrection of Jesus Christ...there just are no words for it.
But I can say in so many words, that the gratitude that I have from knowing that the trials of life which come, will end at some point in time, and the promise of a secure eternal life free of them is just AWESOME beyond belief!

In fact, I know that everything about the truth and the hope of the resurrection may seem to some, beyond belief.

But ask any dull and barely beating heart that has awakened to it’s reality, and they will tell you that it is not only believable, but miraculous. It is a hope and joy that can never be shaken, no matter what perils of life may come.

Yes trials and tribulations come. Everyone faces insurmountable odds at some point in life, others sooner than some. And if the only seemingly insurmountable odd you face up 'til now is death... then rest assured, that even that has been overcome for you by one huge, overpowering, indescribable act of love like none other.

May that act of love, whether you believe it or not, or know it’s full significance or not, or whether you even give it a second thought past a colored egg or a lily that blooms on your mantle, or no thought at all; become deeply significant to you somehow, in your heart. And from one such renewed from a once dull and barely beating heart, to you and yours, may you be filled with the brilliant hope and promise of REAL life without end, REAL joy that will carry you through hardship and pain, and REAL faith that will take you beyond the here and now into unimaginable peace forever.

And may this Easter be your chance to have the “chance of a lifetime” fulfilled to your deepest core, just from knowing love won out over even the finality of death itself. And that it was an act of love directed straight at your heart.
We wish you a brilliant, refreshed for life, renewed and strongly beating heart this Easter, to face every new day from this moment on with grace and peace and the assurance of something more, something to look forward to, when your time on earth is through.

Some feel there are no absolutes and nothing is certain. I know that my Redeemer lives without a doubt. And that we too can not only live, but live victoriously beyond our human capabilities and means right here on earth, with renewal of heart. The renewal that comes from an absolute truth. And it is that we, in our separation from God, who deserved nothing, earned nothing, who merited nothing but the punishment of a forever broken relationship with the God who loves us, were redeemed back into God’s good grace by a singular act, in that Christ took our place, our punishment. You can believe that or not believe it, but my heart tells me that act of love was absolute ... that it was certain and not ever to be duplicated by any other living soul on earth, that it had a great and noble purpose, and that it was REAL.
So have a happy heart this Easter, and...

A Happy Easter Day!©lmpc

from your editor

Worthy Is The Lamb - Agnus Dei
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