My New Year Message to You, by Linda Marie Pharaoh-Carlson

May all the troubles from the last 365 days be left far behind you as you take that first step into a brand new year. And may you always remember that it begins with just one day at a time, one footstep in front of the other...for those very wearisome times that we know lurk about, ready to steal away our light.

We take into the new year ahead, the illnesses from which we suffer, for which little can be done. But we also take the loving support of friends who care enough to be there for us regardless, by just showing up here whenever possible, to help us muddle through the days that ache and the nights when sleep won't come.

We take with us broken hearts that will still need tending...that will need wiser counsel than we can possibly muster on any given day of our own volition. The losses of those we love so dearly seem almost unbearable to even think about. But we take the courage to survive their loss with us as we move ahead without our dearest and best, into a brand new year...that seems far emptier and smaller without them in it.

We take the collective strength from our group of friends here along to bravely face the uncertainties that may come, so that whatever does, we will have our back up system to draw from when our own reserves are down.

There were many many bad things that happened in the last year, and I for one, am glad to see it go. There are days when looking back over the last 10 years, I can only sadly shake my head and wonder just where we in our world are headed next, and think that It surely can't be good! But I still force myself to try to see some brightness ahead, because if i didn't, I would be swallowed up by it all.

Regardless of the health, the times, the current situations, the struggles that have the tendency to continue on even in their bold audacity, into a brand new bright and promising new year, and into our ofttimes bewildering perplexing lives, we grasp the 'hope' that has always been such a strong thread tying us all together, and hang on for dear life!

We continue to hold that hope before us like the coveted prize at the end of a lifelong race. Striving to achieve it's worthy goal and sure outcome of a life renewed in spirit ...refreshed enough to continue the run. For to lose our 'hope' would surely bring us to our utter ruin.

My wish you for this new year ahead, is for enough of heaven's blessings in life to keep that spark of hope alive in you. That you might be able to see the blue part of the sky underneath whatever dark storm clouds gather.

It is a new year.
May God Bless it in big and small ways every single new day as it comes. And may you always always know just what a blessing you are to me. And to one another.
Thank you for being here over the last 12 months. And for your loving commitment to be here for the New Year ahead. There are at least a couple of us that have weathered an entire decade together. Let's pray that the next 10 years will be more gentle and kinder to everyone. That they bring about strength when we need it most, and allow us some small comfort as we travel this road of life.
I am grateful to have had and continue to have, such wonderful traveling companions.

God Bless your New Year and grant you peace of mind and a hopeful heart.

As always...with loving regards,
have a...


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