Graphics Disclaimer

Please note that graphics on this web site, and Writer's Block
Interactive writing community/message board are used
with the understanding that they fall under the 'fair use' laws of graphics on the internet.
I have also been online for sixteen years now and have collected pictures/images that have been
sent to me in e-mail correspondence and the bulk of which, show no copyright notice or credits.
In many instances, these have been altered or manipulated or enhanced by me to fit a particular theme of
an individual story, poem or quote.

In no way would I ever
intentionally or knowingly use the copyrighted work of another without taking proper
steps to obtain permission from the creator of said artwork, if known to me. I try very hard to look them up and find their source

Rest assured, they are here either because they have come to me as anonymous artwork,
because I have obtained permission from the source I've been given, or they are revealed to me
to be 'public domain' art.

Some have been taken from art and objects of art that I personally own and I have made them
into internet graphics myself. Pansies taken from a hand painted tin cup
that I have, or geese from a picture hanging in my kitchen. My husbands old flannel shirt,
Objects that I have here at home.

If you come here today and see an image that you absolutely know belongs to someone
who needs to be credited or contacted concerning their artwork,
please e-mail me with the proper information to be able to contact the owner of said artwork right away.
I take full credit in the collection, arrangement of, and enhancement of these various images only.
The original artwork is now and always shall, belong to
the original artist who created them.
I do make Backgrounds, various graphics, images, and lines/bars etc. that I have personally created for this site as well.

Please, under no circumstances take any graphics you see here for your own use.
I have learned through all these years to share, and will help
anyone who needs help with web site graphics. But ask first and if you'd like to use something I've made, you may.
I have a copyright on these pages as a 'collected work', United States Copyright Registration Number: TXu-1-664-310,
under title 17 of the United States Code, United States Copyright Office under (Marybeth Peters), so don't get yourself in trouble
by not asking. Thank you.

If you have any questions, contact the owner of this site for clarification.
If you are the owner/creator/artist of a graphic used here unbeknownst to you, please forgive me
and email me with your request to credit you, or remove it, and it will be properly accredited or removed immediately.
Thank you for your understanding.

Midi and Wav music comes from my personal collection of downloaded music from
a variety of sources. They are for my own personal use only and not for profit,
or any commercial use whatsoever.
I have used them to enhance the original stories, poems, and materials
that I personally have contributed from my own copyrighted works, or that from other authors
who have submitted their own copyrighted works for display on The WordSmith and Writer's Block
Online Endeavors.

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