My broken heart remembers...and weeps. There was not enough time and I can barely make it through a day without seeing your face, feeling your warm embrace, and the smile that was only yours, that lit the world and kept hope in my heart.."
Her name was Sandy. Or better known as
"Miss Boop" nick named by our Aunt Jodee early on in life.
She was a beautiful woman
Inside and out. She was a good wife, loving mom, and she was my big sis!
And she left us on August 23rd, 2015. The worst day of
my entire life. She was so special and I want the world to know.

Sandra Sue (Pharaoh) Klinger

A Little Bit About Me

Hello, my name is Andi Blume and this is my wine web site. I want to personally welcome you here today and let you know just a bit about who I am and why I have this site.

' First, I am happily married to a wonderful man and we share seven children and eight grandchildren. And a still at home furry child named Scarlett OHara. She is a red head and we love her dearly. She is our beautiful Cocker Spaniel, who insisted upon having her own blog! It began as a daily diary of her life being lived with the 'Old People.' Now she blogs just whenever she feels like it (or so she has stated).
Here is a link to Scarlett's Blog Spot:

A Day In The Life Of Scarlett OHara

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Worthy Places To Visit

Town's End Winery-Vineyard
Snus Hill Wines
Heart Of Iowa Wine Trail
Nick Dobson Wines
Michigan Wines Home
St. Julian Winery
Summeerset Winery
Santa Marie Vineyard-Winery
Fireside Winery
Ruby Shoes Wine

and Jeanette Trompeter
(Our "Adopted" Iowan)
who owns Ruby Shoes.
We all loved Jeanette through
the years as a local
newscaster at KCCI TV,
and we miss her and
wish her the very best!


My Personal Recommendation
for St. Julian Winery
Paw Paw, Michigan

Welcome to the Home of...

Perhaps you're thinking "Here we are at just another wine web site"...But I would like to assure you, it isn't.
Bella Vino was created for the occasional wine sipper. One who may not have any substantial knowledge of, or experience with wines.
If you would like to become more knowledgeable about wines, we can easily help educate you here at Bella Vino with pertinent articles and information that will help you grow from novice into a seasoned 'Winer.'

Things To Get You Started

What To Expect At A Wine Tasting

The Five S's Of Wine Tasting

"A meal with wine is dining - it's a conversation,
an event. It's what wine is all about."
Ray Coursen, Winemaker & Owner of
Elyse Winery

Wine Spectator a lifestyle magazine/ezine focusing on wine
and wine culture. It publishes 15 issues
per year with content containing
news, articles, and profiles, with
more than 1,000 wine reviews,
and ratings.

Sites You May Want to Visit

The Gifted Grape
A place to find unique wine accesories

The Metrokane Wine Accessories Store
Many wine related products here. Such as:

Click image for more Information regarding
The Metrokane Electric Rabbit Cork Screw

The attitude of Jesus toward wine, like
that of the entire Bible, is neutral,
praising its use and finding fault in
its intemperate use. Certainly the production
of wine at Cana (John 2:1-11)
scarcely supports any belief that Jesus or the
primitive Church regarded the use of wine as
sinful in itself." (Dictionary
of the Bible, John L. McKenzie, S.J.,1965 ).

Red Wine Cuts The Fat

Taking it UN-seriously?

Dobson Wines Feature

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