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Our Poetry
This space is reserved for your poem! Fallen Before The Cross
FaeryScape Play Gypsy Girl Play
A Heavenly Gift The Final Score
Glad Hatters We Three Kings
That Crooked House Sleepwalk
Observations on Alzheimers
Captured Shy Autumn
I Touch You Day Prayer
More Than Equal Malpropisms
Goose Fair Shades Of Blue
Do You Wonder? Stones Upon The Ocean
Thankful The Art of Diplomacy
Scavenger Small Ghost
Bounced Two New Poems by Rosie MacNeil
Grandpa, A Child's Words The Watcher
Sinking The Dancer
The Art Fairy Tale
Captured When Sadie Sang The Blues
I Had Forgotten I Could Fly Some Hearts Broken
Today I'm Wondering Rosie MacNeil's Poetry Page
Wintry Things Until Someday
Fragrances Spring
The Long Walk Home Life
A Rosie MacNeil Poem Forever I Will Love You
Never Get Used To It For Your Poem
You Are Tragedy
Living Palimpsest Smile

Our Stories
This Space Reserved For Your Story! Ain't No Place For Sissies
The Long Johnners Easter Memory
Freedom A New Year!
The Perfect GrandChild Everyday Tea
The Presence of God The Waiting Game
Wish Upon A Star Madam X
Candle In The Window Affirmations
Airborne Post Election Thoughts
The One-Eyed Berkins Bunny And Bear Pancakes
The Audacity To Learn Archeological Golf
Katy Simple Pleasures
My Granite Embrace The Honor of Memorial Day
Little Eyes, Broken Heart Fishing, And An Experience Of The Heart
A Melody of Memories Shooting Stars
The Loss Of The RCMP Fort Walsh Daniel's Folly
Hearts That Break Patchwork Memories
Roving Bed'lam A Mistake You Say
Come To The Church In The Wildwood Cider Days
The General The Last Bus Of Summer
The Shortest Resolution, Up In Smoke A Wild Goose Chase
The Gift I'm Woman, Hear Me Roar
Yes Ma'am, No Ma'am My Growing Attachment
Two Jails For Julie Facing The Challenge of Letting Go
The Phone Call Cinnamon Hearts And Rocky Mountains
She Took Me In The Sister God Gave Me
Heroe's Dad In A Box
Becky's Room My Sad Familiar
Missing Mom Ties That Bind
A Mother's Sorrow Mother And The Watermelon
Salt Water Roses Sister's Bootlaces
My Father's Eyes Margie And Me
A Memory Good And Sweet The Empty Nest
Simon, True Friend And Companion The Skunks Of Summer
The Christmas Lesson Blooming Where You're Planted
Candy Kisses Doing It Her Way
Full Circle Living With Ghosts
An Easter Heart A Christmas Message
Sorrow The Last Try
Peace On Earth Are You Joshin' Me?
Groovin Groomer Gals Bird Flu Casulties
Voices We'd Like To Read Your Story!

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Love Tangled
by linda marie pharaoh-carlson©copyright

Tripped into a void
Fallen into a tumble,
Eyes opened wide
Now the heart's
In a jumble...

Endless the fall

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