Never Get Used To IT
by, Megan Oltman©copyright, all rights reserved

Megan Oltman. Megan suffers severe migraine disorder and has since her teen years.
But her migraines are not what Megan would be known for. She is a life & business coach who helps others improve their lives. She works with fellow migraine sufferers as well as people with ADD and those who have survived the devastation of breast cancer.
She offers a free e-course on managing life with the often debilitating symptoms of migraine for anyone who needs a little extra help.
You may find her free e-course here:
Free E-Course
She is a wife and mom of two teenagers. Loves walks and just being in the outdoors, gardening, reading and writing (thankfully, for us), music, sewing, and just enjoying life and being with her family.
We’re so glad that Megan decided to share a bit of herself with us today as we showcase her writing talent here at The WordSmith with: “Never Get Used To It”

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Megan’s Blog

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