Itís In The Cards

We shall see who holds the better hand.
When I come, you will then understand
that no matter the favor of the life youíre dealt
my foul grip of malevolence will still be felt.
For Iíve no mercy, nor do I weep
for pitiful souls within my keep.
If I, disguised, can slowly wend my way in,
fools quickly fall victim to my every sin.
Debauchery of all manner, my evil pleasures

Then, when at last, when you look up from your darkness
and finally see, this roulette youíve been
playing, youíve played...against me.
And itís not really a game, though you thought
it so, with your choices now gone...itís your turn
to go.

When I arrive, your quickened soul will cry out!

A silent scream of repentance and mercy youíll seek...
while the stench of your choices fill your nostrils
and reek.
Acrid smoke from the ash of your whole wasted life
shall then rise, to fill Godís pure heavens and blacken
His perfect blue skies.

The angels will bow their wings low and weep,
as I usher you into your eternal damned sleep.
No more banter, or joking, or putting off what you know,
Iíve called your hand, and

Itís your turn to go.

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