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Christmas Letter
to all, from, Lin

Ah, Peace. A strange and elusive commodity indeed. At winter or anytime of year these days. In thinking of all the attributes of peace... the characteristics that make it so unique, one wonders if true peace can even be found. In the midst of a host of events that are anything but peaceful which surround us at every turn, is there such a thing?

Through wars, rumors of wars, unrest and disenchantment's, disappointments and more, where is this hidden gem, this buried treasure so sought after by men? In our own personal lives, there seems no peace. The world has a way of just flooding in on us sometimes, doesn't it? Blindisiding us when we least expect it. And peace is seemingly dispelled into hundreds of thousands of minute particles in the atmosphere, never to be experienced again. Or can it be? Amid the whirling Godless scenes which comprise our planet, where mankind rushes to and fro, frantically in search of peace, perhaps it rests quietly in plain sight of all. Undetected, not regarded, overlooked or just dismissed as insignificant?

Just maybe real peace exists as a special gift to anyone who truly does want it. Maybe it is found in an open heart or a broken spirit. Or in one in which an awareness just comes, that we are more than self. That we can only have peace when we seek to be that peace in another's life. With our choices, our deeds and actions, our words. When we choose the path of peace in our every day life, it's then we can bring about it's reality in the lives of others, and ultimately in ourselves.

Peace comes when we are content with who we are, right where we are, in any given circumstance life may throw our direction. And that contentment can be experienced in the simplest act of faith.

Have you experienced tragedy this year? Have you experienced great loss? Has this been a year of struggle that seemed insurmountable to you? Do you feel lost or utterly alone? Or maybe you just want the world to quit turning altogether.

Faith brings us to a simple stable and a manger that houses a tiny child...God incarnate. He came as utter innocence to a cruel and heartless world, totally lost toward it's own end. A world that rejected and still rejects today, the magnificence of such a wonder. And yet those who believe, and trust this child's lead today, at the very epicenter of the world's chaos and self destruction, have obtained real peace. One that far exceeds what the common mind can fathom. An everlasting and beautiful peace that seems to seep into the very inner core of the soul. One that can not be shaken, or taken away. It's His peace...
not the world's.

And it reigns in every heart who holds Him close despite all the turmoil that living on this blue sphere may bring.

So this Christmas, to you my dearly beloved friends and family...I wish the true and lasting peace this season brings. I wish you a blessed and Merry Christmas! And that you can uncover the treasure beneath the trappings of the holiday. That you can meet it face to face, laying quietly in a manger, behind a heart that was meant to beat only for you.

God Bless and grant you winter peace...for all seasons, through the loving gift offered in Jesus Christ.

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