Faithful Friends

My precious child is now resting in the kingdom up above.
Each day I gaze towards heaven, my heart filled with pain and love.
I miss my loving child more the words can ever say.
My life often feels empty and my soul cries every day.

Those who still have their children simply don’t understand.
They tell me to get on with life…my grief is just quicksand.
This journey of grief is long and we sometimes lose our way
For my heart aches for my angel and I can t keep pain at bay.

My tears help me heal and my sadness lessens some.
I need a friend to sit with me when my tears of sorrow come.
I need to share the memories of my child so dear and sweet.
And moments a friend shares with me are all treasures my heart keeps.

The sorrow will be part of me as through this life I go.
And I pray with all my heart this is a sorrow you never know.
My child is my treasure and I feel that I’ve been robbed.
Sometimes all I can do is look up and rant and rave at God.

The days of painful sadness will lessen the experts say.
But I need my family and friends until time takes this pain away.
When my life is over and my child I see again.
The treasure I’ll take to heaven is I was blessed with faithful friends.

Bobbie Sheranko©copyright, all rights reserved

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