Post Election Thoughts
by, Linda Marie Pharaoh-Carlson©copyright, all rights reserved

Those who supported John McCain’s candidacy for president of these United States of America are undoubtedly disappointed this day and of a somewhat somber countenance. I say to all my friends of that mindset to please take a step back and just look at the bigger picture. When in all of the last one-hundred and fifty years since the ending of slavery in this country, has anything so monumental ever taken place? If you’re living and breathing right now, you are living one of the greatest historical moments of all time.

One where people band together to accomplish great and worthy goals. And for the first time in oh, so long...I believe that people did just that with this historic election. Yes, we raised our kids to believe in equality...and they then proceeded to grow up witnessing so very precious little of it. I have to say, that as an Iowan who has had little exposure to multicultural life as a whole, that right now...I am most proud of our state. Because I grew up believing in just the things I have mentioned previously, and for the first time in my life span of 59 and a half years, I am experiencing it for real.

You may have lived here twenty years. Or, you may have lived here 70 plus years and never have even once experienced the real spirit of America...until now. The African American Community is not the only group of American Citizenry who has been touched by one of the most astounding historical events of all times. The white community who saw the turmoil of their black brothers and sisters and the long historical fight for equality, who stood beside them in marches, went to congress pleading for a listening ear against the bigotry and hatred they too were caught up in the midst of, who raised their children to be color blind in a society divided by separatists and bigots, were today moved to tears by the election of the first black president of our nation. What an overwhelming feeling of pride wells up at just the thought.
As Christians, we are admonished to “pray for our leaders”. Now, as never before, as this newly elected man steps into the highest office of our land, I would ask all to take up that call and do just that. Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Undecided, Disgruntled, and possibly Disappointed though you may be for whatever reasons you may have for not celebrating this day, lay down the things which will hold you back, keep you from recognizing how far this country has come, or prevent you from looking ahead with hope and enthusiasm.

For the first time in all the years I have ever voted, I feel hopeful for us. I feel invigorated with a new collective spirit of belonging to something larger than myself and my own little corner of humanity. I feel a part of a country destined to reinvent itself, make us better than quite possibly, we have been since our inception as a nation. I pray that you will find that hope as well.
God Bless our new president, his family, his cabinet, his administration as they embark on a huge venture to reshape and reform our land. To repair the ill-effects of years of mismanagement and misplaced priorities. To virtually rebuild our image across the wide world, and restore our dignity as a country that’s worthy of the respect of other nations, from the reigning lack of respect for us that dominates in the world today.

God bless our new president indeed, for the tasks that lie ahead are enormous and intimidating. I believed him when he said that he would need all of our help. He will. And even if that help is a commitment to daily uphold him and his fellow administrators in prayer, what better help could there be? I commit to do that and I hope you’ll join me.
Today I can honestly say, "I am a proud American". God Bless you, and God Bless our nation.

The Times They Are A'Changin - Bob Dylan