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We have changed things up at The WordSmith! ... Rearranging and redecorating! ... It took some time, but we hope you'll like our new look! ...

The Latest News:

Our brand new WordSmith!
Please stop by and give us a look.

Especially if it's been awhile...you'll be surprised at all the new updates! You might not recognize it! Then, while there, be sure to book mark the new url for the place so you can toss out the old. Do get rid of the old url, or you'll keep getting the same old pages, and you'll miss out on all the good stuff!

While perusing the new look, you'll see our newly spotlighted author Kathe Campbell... And just who else would it be? A cherished friend and favorite author at The WordSmith, we wanted to start our new place off with the very best! Be sure to click on Kathe's name to be taken to her page and long list of accomplishments!

She's been with us a number of years and has at least 15 stories now published in the 'Chicken Soup For The Soul' Book series. Our most prolific and honest writer. She never disappoints with her tales from the Montana Mountainside she calls home. We always look forward to new tales from her particular witty and often humorous vantage point. You will want to check back often to see what she has in store next! We will be adding some of Kathe's wonderful artwork (her paintings) in the near future. She is truly an amazing woman!

I will on occasion, put up new sites and blogs of interest from other writers, and from other writing communities, that you may want to check out. For your reading enjoyment, or for gathering information that may help you hone your writing skills a bit, challenge you, or maybe just to lift your spirits and give you somewhere else that's fun to go in your online meandering. There are three really great ones listed to get you started, so be sure to check them out!

All of you, enjoy the rest of your summer days and stay cool!...

Submit your own poem or story. Just click on the Expressions button link!

HELPFUL HINTS (for the best reading results at The WordSmith)
Please remember to refresh/reload your browser on each link visited. Especially if you haven't been there in awhile. Your computer's cache will hold the last information available on any web site, and clearing your cache, your browsing history, and reloading/refreshing your page after it loads, will all help assure that you get the very latest updated and most current pages that have been added to The WordSmith, as well as allow all the graphics and or music on any given page to completely load and give you the full benefit of the page's presentation. If you have trouble with page loading, or see broken or non-working links, don't hesitate to contact us via email and let us know what problems you're experiencing. We are "a work in progress" and will have those on going problems from time to time. It helps if you will let us know when they occur so we can take a look at it as soon as possible. Thanks.

Be watching!! Within the next few months, The WordSmith will be hosting their very first (hopefully an annual thing), writing competition! You will need to check back for details, which will probably come in early to mid-September! Exciting!! In the interim, keep submitting your wonderful stories and poetry for us! We look forward to hearing from you.

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Need a quick jump start to keep those creative juices flowing for the day? One of the WordSmith's fun finds and new recommendations for you is a one word prompter called: One Word!
It's fast, it's fun and you'll be surprised at what you can come up with in sixty seconds worth of creative thought! You might even find a beginning paragraph to a new novel from your efforts. You can go once a day every day and just enjoy that short burst of imaginative thought. Try it! Just might keep your muse on it's toes!

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