Here are our simple guidelines for publishing considerations of your work on The WordSmith.

We will publish all genre’s of poetry, and most stories. They can be on a variety of subjects, but every submission must be G-Rated. We are a family oriented site and want to keep it that way.

To clarify a bit... your material can not include questionable language, racist remarks (other than period pieces that portray a realistic and accurate portrayal of the times in which the characters of your works lived).

No hateful or violent themes. If you wouldn’t want your grandchildren reading it, we wouldn’t really want it either.

All stories, poems must be submitted via the email link provided on our web site Submissions link HERE .

Once in awhile, our staff will find a gem somewhere along the way that may belong to you, published in a community forum or out of the way place. If you have a personal contact email or pm, we may ask if you’d like us to format and publish what we see. We will never publish anyone’s material without asking!

Submitted works must be in plain text or html format in the main body of your email. Please do not send text as attachments, word docs and the like. Just copy and paste your work from your word docs into the main body of the email to send to us. All text docs that have to be opened from an attachment will be discarded. It makes it easier for us this way.

Images may be included as attachments along with your work to be used with your publication if you’d like, and really is preferred, if you have them. But keep in mind that what you send may not necessarily be used either. It will be at the discretion of staff. These must be in jpg or gif format and you will include these at the same time that you send your text in the email, as accompanying attachments. Please try to label your images.

Please Include:

Your full name, and...nom de plume, if you have one, Your address and phone, if you want us to have it,

A short biographical account for us to know you a little bit. Part of the country you live in, East, North Central States, Canada, etc. family, pets, just whatever you’d like us to know. Should include a little about your interest in or background with writing.

Please include any other web sites you publish with, or ezines, writing communities you may participate in, places your work can be found and their urls, if you have any.

If your work is accepted for publication at The WordSmith, we will let you know via email. And you then will be notified with the publication date, when your work is ready to go, or when it has actually been published. Things submitted are sometimes not published right away. Please provide a functioning email address so we will be able to reach you with that information. We may not be accepting material based on your subject matter at the time of submission and we will let you know that also.

We prefer: uplifting, inspirational, down home, funny, serious, stories-poems-material that has a point, makes us think, spiritual, celebrates life, teaches us a lesson, makes us smile, giggle, laugh, cry, commiserate, empathize, moves us, touches our hearts, takes us to new places, excites, stirs our creative juices, gives us a bit of fantasy, scares us a little, and simply makes us glad to read them...just a few of the things we love to see. Real life stories and verse about real people, places, animals, heart pounding, living, breathing, daily extraordinary and simple ordinary life experiences, things that we can reminisce about, imagine, identify with, pay tribute to, appreciate... So, if you write about any of these things, you will fit right in.

Our guidelines are simple, and we will simply enjoy hearing from you and reading what you have to share with us!

If you have any questions, contact the owner of this site for clarification.

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