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Kathe's Story List

In The Arms of Angels
The incredible story of how Kathy came to be known as "Granny Hook"

Living With Ghosts

Last Bus Of Summer

Yes Ma'am, No Ma'am

The General

Bunny And Bear Pancakes

One Eyed Berkins

Groovin' Groomer Gals

Shooting Stars

Are You Joshin' Me?

Bags With A Kick

Full Circle

Candy Kisses

Blooming Where You're Planted

Doing It Her Way

Hearts That Break

I'm Woman, Here Me Roar

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Kathe's List of Publications.

Chicken Soup For the Soul Anthologies
Here is a list of Kathe's Stories as published in the Chicken Soup
Books, along with the book titles in which they can be found.

  1. CS for the Adopted Soul - Never Too Late
  2. CS for the Empty Nester - Bunny & Bear Pancakes
  3. CS for the Chocolate Lover's Soul - Candy Kisses
  4. CS for Tough times, Tough People - Living With Ghosts
  5. CS to Inspire Body & Soul - My Saving Grace (The Fawn)
  6. CS for the Scrapbooker's Soul - Sentimental Old Fool
  7. CS for the Wine Lover's Soul - The Connoisseur
  8. CS for the Republican Soul - Is It Tuesday Yet?
  9. CS for the Republican Soul - The Elephant And I Remember
  10. CS for the Grandparent's Soul - The Granny Hook
  11. CS for the Dieter's Soul - Weighing Heavily On His Mind
  12. CS for the Shopper's Soul - The Mixmaster
  13. Christmas Magic - Christmas Blues
  14. My Dog's Life - Never Too Soon

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HCI Books

Book Title:Ultimate Horse Lovers
Surrogacy Ain't For Sissies

Book Title: Ultimate Mom
Our Child

The Ultimate Christmas
Christmas Blues
Cup of Comfort Books

Book Title:Dog Lovers II
No Bones About It

Book Title:Cup of Comfort for Adoptive Families
Never Too Late

Story Titles:In The Arms of Angels

My Saving Grace

Olivia And The Boys

More Kathe Stories

Thin Threads-Life Changing Moments: The Bundled Gift

Howard Books-The Big Book of Christmas Joy:Away In A Manger

Adams Media-Classic Christmas:Christmas Blues

Pure Inspiration Magazine OP - My Saving Grace (The Fawn)

Releasing Times Journal OP - In The Arms of Angels

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