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I don't hear voices in my head talking to me though I somehow receive messages of varying degrees of importance. The thing is I often think the messages are merely my own thoughts. Like the time my mind was lost in space while driving and suddenly a strong command pierced my daydreaming with "slow down". Strangely it was as though I was interrupting my own thoughts and injecting the instruction. Still, I followed the directive, realizing, while I had the car on cruise control, my right foot, with a mind of its own, had become heavy on the gas pedal and I was well over the legal speed. Within a few minutes of resuming the correct speed I passed a highway patrol and breathed a sigh of relief I had obeyed.

I immediately wondered if an angel had actually spoken
When my father was ill I had no idea I was even being told to get to him immediately, yet I had a strong feeling I needed to. I began a five-hour drive to reach him, leaving at eleven that night. I fell asleep at the wheel and awoke on a curve. I have no idea what or who woke me up but my eyes shot open and I reacted just as I hit the curve. I knew I would have to find a motel in the next nearest town and sleep for a bit.

Again I had the impression I was being watched over.
I was able to spend the next day with my dad. We shared some very precious time together. There wasn't a lot of talking but just being with him felt right and comforting. In the early evening dad's breathing became labored so I called an ambulance. I had no premonition my father was going to die. At no time did I think of him as even being close to death.

At the hospital the staff treated us in a weird fashion, taking my mother and myself to a private room to wait. We were sitting there and the voices that don't speak urged me to get to my father's side. I started pacing and told mother I had to go to dad. It turned out it was at this moment that my father's spirit was leaving his body.

I realize I needed to be with my father during his final hours and apparently God knew this too, as I was the only one of his nine children to be with him on the evening he died.

Either coincidence or chance reign in my life or God sends angels to guide and advise me. I think it is the latter. Even my husband is becoming accustomed to the extraordinary events.

When I woke him last week and told him at 5:00 in the morning I needed to go into the city to help at the cafe', his response was "oh, okay!"¯ It was October 31 and I had been away from the office for days. Finally home, I needed to do the payroll and pay bills. My plan had been to get up at 7:15 and go into work. Yet something woke me at 5:00 am and convinced me I needed to go to a different city and help my daughter. Laurie ran a busy cafe'. I tried to convince myself to go back to sleep but it was a losing battle. "Laurie needs me, so I am going to go," was the explanation I gave my husband.

As I was nearing my destination I phoned Laurie and told her I was coming in to the city to give her a hand. "It was good you phoned mom", she said, explaining she had slept in a bit. She thought it was nice I was coming in but didn't sound as though there was any kind of crisis. Her new staffer, Rebecca was scheduled to work with her that day and between them they could really handle both the morning group and the noon hour crowd. I wondered what the heck I was doing driving in to the city when I had so much work stacked up back in my office!

Minutes later Laurie called me on my cell phone. "Mom I am really going to need your help"¯, she said. "Rebecca just called in sick."¯

Some people call what happens "chance"¯. Others say it is "women's intuition"¯. My explanation: We have a Heavenly Father watching over us all. He sends his angels to suggest and direct us, but their voices often come through to us as if they are our own thoughts. We can heed them or ignore them. I've always been grateful when I've heeded them (even at 5:00 am.).

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